At Dance Party 4 Kids, we value your privacy to an extreme degree. We recognize that, being involved with children, you are right to be squeamish about revealing personal information to anyone... and we wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.

When you visit this website, we have absolutely no desire whatsoever to know who you are, where you live or anything else about you. Your identity and your activities are your business and none of ours.

Absolutely no information about you is gathered by this website. Some websites claim that they compile "no identifiable information" on you. We're not sure what they mean by "identifiable," but presumably this means that they do gather some information about you, but they deem that information to be none-identifiable by their standards. We say, bunk! We gather absolutely no information on you of any sort at any time, "identifiable" or otherwise. Period.

When you browse our website, you are doing so completely anonymously. We do not collect any personal information on you... not even your email address or the type of computer and operating system you are using. Nothing.

We do not use cookies on your computer. No content of any sort will be deposited on your computer when you use and browse this website. When you leave this website, we will have left no trace on your personal computer that you were ever here.

If you correspond with us in consideration of using our services, we will then, of course, learn some preliminary information about you so that we can communicate with you. If you fill out our website form or send us an email message, we will obviously then have that contact info for you. (But until then, we have zilch.) In the event that you correspond with us, we will ascertain only the necessary information to continue that dialogue.

If you subsequently employ our services, then we will need to, at some point, know further contact information to fulfill our obligations with you. By that time, we both will have, presumably, established a rapport and a level of trust with each other.

There are two types of clients: those who contract for public events and those who contact for private events. A public event is any event where the public is invited to attend and there is no restriction on who may be present or who may obtain promotional information regarding the event. Examples of public events are huge dances in public places open to everyone, fund-raising benefits attempting to draw a large crowd and any event that is widely advertised. A private event is an event where not everyone is invited to attend and there is some restriction on who is welcome and who may obtain information regarding the event. Examples of private events are school dances, birthday parties, group picnics, block parties and any event not intentionally attempting to draw a crowd of strangers or advertise to the general public.

If you contract for a public event, where information on the event is freely available to the public, we may list you on our Events page and otherwise promote or publicize your event, either prior to or subsequent to the event.

If you contract for a private event, where information on the event is not generally available to the public, then we will not publicize you or your event in any way. We make this guarantee to you: At no time will we reveal any of your information to anyone for any reason, unless you specifically request us to do so.

You will notice that nowhere on this website do we reference our past clients of private events. Nor do we post any identifiable information on those clients. If you do not wish for us to reveal you as a private client, we never will.

If, as a private client, you are okay with us using you as a reference for promotional or testimonial purposes, then here is what we promise you: We may sometime reference you to a prospective client, but it will always be in a direct one-on-one conversation... and only after we feel confident about the reputability of that individual or organization. But -- and this is critical to understand -- even if you agree to let us use you as a reference, we will still never, under any circumstance, post your information indiscriminately for all to see on the Internet. We will use your reference only in the most discretionary manner. And this bears repeating: If you do not want us to use you as a reference, then we will never do so, even through personal correspondence away from the Internet.

This stipulation of non-disclosure applies only to clients who contract for private events. The same restriction does not apply to clients who contract for public events, where information about the event is widely available to anyone and everyone. In actual practice, this lack of restriction regarding a public client is fine, since such a client is usually seeking a high attendance figure and does not actually want us to be quiet about the event.

In addition to our privacy policy as stated herein, we urge you, as an individual, to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet. Change your passwords from time to time, use a combination of letters and numbers in your passwords, and make sure you use a secure browser.

Bottom line: We want you (and your children) to be safe on the Internet. If you are like us, you detest the idea of giving your personal information to anyone at the other end of your computer connection, either willingly or unwillingly. We are private people with children, too. We guarantee that your personal information is secure on this website. Unless you instigate a relationship with us, we neither gather any of it, nor want any of it. Rest assured that when you are on this website, you are truly anonymous. And that's the way we want it. -- Copyright 2022 by Dance Party 4 Kids. All rights reserved.