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Allow me to introduce myself. I am DJ Victor. For many years, I worked as a radio and nightclub disc-jockey. I also hosted an award-winning radio talk show.

One day, I got the wild notion to produce dances for kids, to play popular music in a dance environment for children and families. I suspected there was a strong desire in our society for such an activity that's clean and wholesome. So, now, with support from the professionals listed on this page, DANCE PARTY 4 KIDS is a reality.

Here is the truth: I love playing music for children and families. I don't care about the money or the fame (such as it is). I just find doing these dances rewarding beyond measure. And I can hardly wait for the next one.
  DJ Victor - company founder, main deejay, creative force
DJ Phoenix - deejay extraordinaire, event coordinator, consultant
DJ Frankie - set-up and tear-down assistant, event emcee
Cyn Zyn - personnel supervisor, legal counselor, event emcee
A2 - office manager, publicist
J. K. - backup equipment support,  client referrals, priceless expertise
Axle - audio management and maintenance, lighting consultant
MC Olivia - event emcee
MC Natalie - event emcee

Some interesting facts about us:
  • DJ Victor wrote a best-selling book (published by Putnam), which deals with positive thinking.
  • DJ Phoenix runs an entertainment company that produces large-scale events. He also owns a busy nightclub, where he dj's on weekends.
  • DJ Frankie has his own karaoke business. He is also a Frank Sinatra singer who performs old-blue-eyes tunes at numerous venues.
  • Cyn Zyn is a tremendous organizer, whose focus in life has always been children (and animals). She practices family law.
  • A2 has traveled Europe and South America. In Peru, she worked extensively with underprivileged children.
  • J. K. owns a well-known production company, which supplies production services for huge events in major metropolitan areas.
  • Axle owns a sound and lighting business and has set up a large number of shows across the region.
  • MC Olivia is a full-time college student.
  • MC Natalie is a non-stop energy machine. She never slows down.
  • We are based in the state of California, USA. But we are open to traveling... if there is a good reason.
Dance Party 4 Kids
To visit DJ Victor's webpage, click here: DJ Victor

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