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Kids love to dance! Give them some loud music and a place to be, and they will instinctively start moving to the beat. And that is good. Nothing could be more natural... or more healthy.   It's party time for kids of all ages! Our dances are perfect for children from ages 5 to 12, and we are a huge hit with kids from 3 to 15. In fact, we are great for the entire family, anyone from 1 to 101!

Dance Party 4 Kids
Information about YOUR DANCE PARTY 4 KIDS:

Kids. Our focus is on the children present at your dance. We always create a supportive and nurturing environment for those in attendance. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race or anything else.

Setup. We come with a complete, state-of the art, professional sound system, including a computer-controlled deejay player, mixer and powered speakers. If your dance is indoors, we bring a multi-colored lighting setup (no strobe lights). The exact equipment we use for your event will depend on particulars like the venue, the crowd size and so forth.

Music. We play deejay music. All our songs contain clean lyrics and feature children's voices. We include all genres of music, while focusing on what the kids want to hear. We keep the volume appropriate for children. For more info about our music, and to hear a sample, check our Music page.

Activities. Depending on the particular event, special dance activities often spice things up. We come prepared to conduct dance circles, freeze dances, dance games and contests (where everyone wins) and other dance-related activities.

Announcements. We bring a wireless microphone. This allows the user to roam among the crowd and interact with everyone. Some events work best with many announcements; some with few. We always make the microphone available to grown-ups who want to use it.

Special Needs. We enjoy doing dances for special-needs children or those who are mentally or physically challenged. If you belong to an organization with such children, do not hesitate to contact us.

Venue. Most any venue will suffice. We can create your dance party in a private home, a large ballroom, a public park or anywhere suitable for children. You will need to be the ultimate authority for your event, so you should have any required permission and access to resources.

Cost. The price for every event must be evaluated individually, since there are many variables. Your location, your organization and the length of time are all factors to consider. Cost can range from free to several hundred dollars. For example, if you are a financially-struggling organization with disadvantaged children, we may be receptive to the idea of providing our services free of charge. If you are a wealthy group who wants to throw an all-day neighborhood bash, we may ask a few hundred dollars. A guideline might be $100 an hour, not including set-up and tear-down. In any case, we always attempt to arrive at a price that is fair and works for all.

Chaperones. We do not provide targeted adult supervision. If you require personnel to serve in that capacity, you should provide and manage those individuals yourself.

Privacy. We are fanatical about issues surrounding privacy, particularly where children are concerned. Nowhere on this website do we reference past clients of private events. If you do not wish for us to reveal you as a client of ours, we never will. Click this link to see our full Privacy Policy.

Location. We are located in Hollywood, California. We can easily travel to anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County. Elsewhere in California, Oregon and Washington are also possible. For us to travel outside the west coast, you will need to pay our travel expenses, so the cost may be prohibitive. But we are certainly willing to explore the idea.
Dance Party 4 Kids

Dance Party 4 Kids

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