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We created a sample music mix so you can get an idea of what we play. We edited every song in this mix to a length of about one minute, just long enough to sample the music.

Kids Dance Party Mix by Dj Victor on Mixcloud

KIDS DANCE PARTY MIX -- popular songs - with clean lyrics - sung by children's voices

Important facts about the music we play:

  • Children's Voices.  Every song we play features children's voices. We impose this unique requirement on ourselves. Some songs may also contain an adult voice, but children are always a prominent vocal. This means, of course, that we do not play original versions of songs. Even so, we have a huge library of music.
  • Clean Lyrics. All songs have been carefully scrubbed of lyrics and content unsuitable for children. Gone are not only n-words, f-words, swear words and other objectionable language, but also ideas that may be questionable. For example, in the song "Beautiful Girls" (originally by Sean Kingston), the lyrics are: "They'll have you suicidal." In our version, the lyrics are: "They'll have you in denial."
  • Short Length. We have edited every song in our collection to a length of about two minutes. Songs these days usually run 3 to 5 minutes. That's too long for a dance, particularly with children. A shorter length means songs change quickly; no one gets tired of a song; and things never get boring. This also allows the deejay to play a large number of songs, so everyone feels that a lot of music is played.
  • Wide Variety. Kids are rarely "music snobs." So, we play a great variety of music. Virtually all genres are represented: pop, top-40, country, rock, hip-hop, oldies, as well as novelty songs and children's classics.
  • Popularity. Kids respond to music they know and recognize. No matter the genre, they prefer what is familiar. Therefore, every song we play is one we've deemed to be mainstream. We play nothing obscure, nothing esoteric. As a result, kids feel that the dance is for them, that they belong there. And they do.
  • Volume. Experience has taught us that kids like to hear music loud... but not too loud. We take into account the age of children present and adjust the volume accordingly. We make certain the music sounds great and really thumps, with a full range of crisp high-frequencies and solid bass, but we avoid ear-splitting volume.

We are happy to make your dance exactly what you want it to be musically. If you want to hear any specific songs, just let us know. We are extremely easy to work with.


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